Compare with or Compare to?

J. Cheney

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To identify either the similarities or the differences between two things, use "compare to." To identify both the similarities and the differences, use "compare with." In comparing with something, one finds or discusses both things that are alike and things that are different. Answer the questions below and then click "submit" to send your answers.

  1. In order to decide which of the three cities that we visited was more like our own, we had to (compare them with, compare them to) each other.
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    compare them with
    compare them to

  3. (Compared to, Compared with) running, walking is good for people who have knee problems.
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    Compared to
    Compared with

  5. Andy compared his math teacher (with, to) his English teacher and pointed out that they had in much common in regards to their teaching and grading styles.
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  7. When Geri compares her old boyfriend (to. with) her new boyfriend, she points out all the ways in which they are different. Understanding these differences helps her know she was right to break up with the old boyfriend!
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