Clothes or Cloths?

V. Bell

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

Clothes means clothing.

Cloths means flexible fabric or textile.

Read each sentence below and choose the correct word.

  1. My closet is absolutely full of (clothes, cloths), but I can never find anything to wear.
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  3. That dress shop sells the most exquisite (clothes, cloths) because the (clothes,cloths) used are hand woven silks.
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  5. The homeless man carried himself with dignity eventhough his (clothes, cloths) were really only rags.
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  7. The famous "Silk Route" that spanned several thousand miles and many different cultures was the result of the demand for rich (clothes,cloths).
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  9. Rosie loves to dress in fancy (clothes, cloths) when she goes to a music club with her friends.
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