All ready/Already

Vernene Bell

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

Remember the differences between the words. The words all ready mean completely prepared. The word already means previously.

Write in the correct word here and on your paper; click "submit" at the end.

  1. The man was (all ready,already) to scold his little son about breaking the window when the man realized the boy was innocent.
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  3. Sonya rushed home from work to prepare dinner, and was pleasantly surprised to find dinner (all ready,already) prepared and on the table.
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  5. My daughter was (all ready,already) to attend UCLA when she was accepted to Cal Tech, so she changed her mind.
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  7. The overweight man had (all ready,already) eaten a slice of cake, but was tempted to eat the ice cream,too.
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  9. Rosie bragged that she had (all ready,already) fed the dogs, swept the floor, and vacuumed the carpets by noon time and planned to do some gardening in the afternoon.
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