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Word Roots are Fun! 

In the spotlight: PENINSULA

The word includes the Latin root, SOLA/SULA, which means, island. A peninSULA is an area of land that projects out into the water and is thus like an island.

The word carries the connotation of separation, as seen in this other word with the same root: inSULAtion, which surrounds electrical wires, thus keeping them separated from human or animal contact.

Another common word with the same root is, iSOLAtion, which clearly demonstrates the idea of standing alone.

The Latin root is seen in the Spanish word for alone: sola, as well as in the French word meaning the same thing: seule.


Selected quote:

"It is only with the heart that we can see clearly. For what is essential, is hidden from the eyes. ~The Little Prince

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Philosophy 22 Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 1 Special Topic Philosophy in Film
Philosophy 1 Intro to Philosophy

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