M.A.,  University of California, Los Angeles

B.A.,   University of California, Santa Barbara

Courses currently  taught at SANTA MONICA COLLEGE:

     Ceramics, all levels.

 Art 52  a, b, c,  

Independent Studies, 

Mentor Program

Franklyn Phillips’s primary artistic medium is ceramics where he has continued to  redefine himself for the past fifty years as a professional studio artist, ceramic sculptor and ceramic painter. His earlier large scale sculptures were influenced by  previous undergraduate studies in Biology and Comparative Anatomy while later ceramic paintings and sculptures evolved as expressions of his growing  involvement   with the mysteries of meditation, metamorphosis and the hidden drama of nature  while stylistically exploring  the fringes of indeterminate reality.  Technical experimentation endures throughout all his work and teaching.

Over the past thirty one years he has taught Ceramics and Ceramics Sculpture at  L.A.  Pierce College, Mission College,  Cerritos College,  and Otis Art Institute.   In 2006,  Phillips was appointed head of the Ceramics Department at Santa Monica College.

His work in  Ceramics  has  taken him  to an apprenticeship in  Spain, a factory in Southern Sweden, a workshop in  Sifnos, Greece and more recently, Southwestern Costa Rica at the tip of the Osa Peninsula, where he  designed and built three homes and a Ceramic Art studio, around which he is currently offering "Sustainable" Ceramics workshops every January.


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phillips_franklyn@smc.edu  or  kapu@earthlink.net




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