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Guide to Library Research

Library I - UC and CSU Transferable - 1 unit

Library Databases


Begin at:

Select:  Databases

Select:  All Databases


Choose a database.


  • Academic Search Premier 


  • National Newspapers



What are Library Databases?

These are resources libraries subscribe to that provide access to

information not freely available on the internet.

They are considered reputable, academic sources.


The SMC library subscribes to over 50 Library Databases.

To find the most recent information on your topic:

Select one of the Library Databases.


These databases are made available by a variety

of publishers such as EBSCO and ProQuest


Comparison of  Library Databases vs Websites










  • contains the latest articles on your topic

  • from over 6,000 journals and magazines


Begin at:

Select Databases

Select: Academic Search Premier





Database Fields


Refine search results by selecting specific searchable fields (access points) :

  1. Author

  2. Title

  3. Subject




Find articles on your topic in the following newspapers:

  • Christian Science Monitor

  • New York Times

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Washington Post

  • Los Angeles Times




Begin at:

Select: Databases

Select: All Databases

Select: National Newspapers (U.S.)



Citing Library Databases


What is a Scholarly Journal?

Links to Worksheets:

Academic Search Premier - Worksheet

Database - Worksheet

JSTOR - Worksheet

Newspaper Article - Worksheet



Citing Magazine Article in MLA Style


Carmichael, Mary. "Sounds of Sleep." Newsweek 15 July 2002, pp. 34-36. 



Citing Journal Article in MLA Style


Rice, Jonah Lee. “Spongebob Squarepants: Pop Culture Tsunami or More?” Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 42, no. 6, May 2009, pp. 1092-1114.


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