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Citing Sources MLA Style




 Citing Reference Sources MLA Style

Library Reference Databases



Color Coding for Sample Works Cited Page

  • Authors or Editors
  • Database Name  - italics
  • Dates
  • Other information
  • Page Numbers
  • Publishers
  • "Titles of Articles" - in quotations
  • Titles of Books, Periodicals, Websites - italics

Sample  MLA Style Works Cited Page


Works Cited


"Bulgaria." CountryWatch. 2015. Web. 6 Apr. 2015.

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Basic Rules

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers  7th edition, 2009

Abbreviations - geographic, time, publishers

Alphabetically - arrange all entries by author's (or editor's)

Authors - Anonymous - if no author given - arrange by title

Authors - Two or more - reverse only first author's name

Authors - Four or more - name only the first author followed by "et al."

Double Space every line

Hanging Indent - only first line of each citation begins at the margin,

        all subsequent lines within a citation must be indented 5 spaces

Journal Articles - include volume number and issue number and (Year)

Magazine Articles - include date not volume or issue numbers

Online sources - include date of access 

What is MLA Style?

MLA - Modern Language Association

When writing a research paper you must

give credit to all of the sources you used.

This is called Citing or Documenting your sources. 


The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers

(style manual), will guide you through the research process.

It explains in great detail how to

 list sources at the end of your paper. 

This list is called a Bibliography or a Works Cited Page.


MLA Style is widely used in the Arts and Humanities.

It is not the only way to document your sources.

Your instructor will recommend a style for you to follow.



  • identify your source

  • must contain enough information

  • enable readers to find the source 

  •  include three basic components

Citations include

  1. Author or Editor

  2. Title

  3. Publication Information



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