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How do I find academic/scholarly  journal articles?

Begin at:


Select: All Databases

Select: Academic Search Complete

Check the box marked Scholarly Journals to limit your search to academic journals.


 How do I access JSTOR?

Begin at:


Select: All Databases

Select: JSTOR

If you are off campus you will be asked to log on with your network account.

YouTube screencast: Searching JSTOR

YouTube screencast: Citing JSTOR - MLA style


What is an Academic Source?



 What is my network account?

Your network account is your student email  name.

This information is available at the bottom of your corsair connect homepage.

The password is the same one as your corsair connect account.


How do I find a book?

Begin at:


Enter the words you want to find.

Click one of the green tabs and select either: Author or Title or Subject.

Click on the title of the book.

Scroll to bottom of page.

Write down the Call Number and Location.

Books located in the STACKS may be borrowed for 2 weeks.

Not finding anything? To expand your search click on the Search All tab.


How are books arranged on shelves?


   General Works

B    Psychology, Philosophy, Religion


D   World History

E    United States History

   Latin American History

G   Anthropology, Geology, Sports

H   Social Science

   Political Science

K    Law

L    Education

M   Music

   Fine Arts

P    Language and Literature

Q    Science and Mathematics

R    Medicine, Nursing, Psychiatry

S    Agriculture

T    Technology

U   Military Science

V   Naval Science

  Library Science and Bibliography


Yavapai College Library -How to Read Library of Congress Call Numbers - no dialog

How do I find a textbook for my class?

Begin at the library homepage:

Select: Textbooks on Reserve

Type:  Name of your Class

Select: Course Number

If your instructor's name does not appear, select: All Instructors.

Please write down the Call Number and  proceed to the Reserve Desk.

You will be able to use the book for 2 hours, in the library.

YouTube screencast: Find Textbook

How may I extend the due date for a book?

Begin at:


Click on the white tab labeled User Services

Your User ID: your student id number

Your PIN: last 4 digits of your telephone number

Select: List Charged Items

Click: Renew All or Select items

Click: Green tab: Renew Selected Items


Sample Citations -  MLA Style


Citing a Book

Sacks, Oliver W. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales. Simon & Schuster, 1998.



 Citing an Academic/Scholarly Journal article

Olsen, Richard and Julie Morgan. “Desperate for Redemption? Desperate Housewives as Redemptive Media.” Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 43, no. 2 Fall 2010, pp. 330-347. 



Citing a Magazine or News article

"Sounds of Sleep." Newsweek,  15 July 2002, pp. 34-36 


Format the Works Cited page in Microsoft Word: - Carnegie Vincent Library








Faculty are encouraged to bring their classes to the Library for a one-hour orientation. These sessions are conducted by faculty librarians in our computer-classroom, providing students with hands-on experience. To schedule your orientation, please use our online form.



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