Our course web site will be located at MyEssayTutor.ORG when I finish upgrading the site which should be very soon.

Until then, I will post the Week 1 course material and work on the eCompanion website for this section of English 1 Winter 2012.

To see a Course Checklist of current assignments and their due dates with links to these assignments, please signin to eCompanion by going to www.smc.edu and then clicking on Corsair Connect at the top of the page. Signin and go to eCompanion and our English 1 course. Once you are on the English 1 course page, scroll all the way down the page where you should find a Course Checklist link. Click the Course Checklist link and you should then see a list of the assignment so far and their due dates.

Please do email or call me if you have questions about the work or problems accessing the work.

See you in class Monday. Prof. Overall

Click here are English 1 Winter 2012 Day 1 activities page.