Some of the Longest Running Television Comedies

By number of seasons

26+  The Simpsons (Spring 2015)
18+  South Park (Spring 2015)
14  (The Adventures Of) Ozzie And Harriet
13  King Of The Hill, Family Guy (Spring 2015)
12  My Three Sons, Two And A Half Men
11  M*A*S*H, Cheers, The Danny Thomas Show / Make Room For Daddy, Happy Days, The Jeffersons, Married ... With Children, Frasier
10  Murphy Brown, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Friends, Family Guy
9  The Beverly Hillbillies, The Love Boat, Alice, Roseanne, Family Matters, Coach, All In The Family, One Day At A Time, Night Court, The Drew Carey Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, The King Of Queens, The Office

By number of episodes

574+ The Simpsons (Spring 2015)
435 (The Adventures Of) Ozzie & Harriet 
380 My Three Sons
336 The Danny Thomas Show / Make Room For Daddy
275 The Donna Reed Show, Cheers
274 The Beverly Hillbillies
264 Frasier
262 Two And A Half Men
259 Married ... With Children
257 King Of The Hill, South Park (Spring 2015)
256 M*A*S*H
255 Happy Days
253 The Jeffersons
252 Bewitched
249 The Andy Griffith Show
247 Murphy Brown
245 The Love Boat, Family Guy (Spring 2015)
238 Friends
234 Leave It To Beaver
233 The Drew Carey Show
222 Roseanne
214 Family Matters
210 All In The Family
209 One Day At A Time, The Facts Of Life, Everybody Loves Raymond
207 The King Of Queens
204 Home Improvement
202 Alice
201 The Cosby Show
200 Coach
199 The Office
193 Night Court, Will & Grace