Dr. Nestler's Math 8 (Calculus 2) - Spring 2017 - section 4269 - TTh 7:35-10:00pm - Room MC 66

Class information

        Syllabus (6-page PDF)

Additional resources

        Office hours:  MW 1:30-2:00, Tu 4:35-5:05 and Th 3:30-5:00; and Math 13 workshop Tu 3:30-4:30 in Math Lab

        Essential trigonometry identities and definitions and theorems from Calculus 1 (2-page PDF)

        Polar graph paper

        Math Lab

Documents in PDF form (1 page unless noted):  Please print and bring them to class.

          Tuesday, February 21  General exponential and logarithmic functions (5 pages)

          Thursday, February 23  Carbon dating

          Thursday, April 6  Surface area of surfaces of revolution (3 pages)

          Thursday, April 6  Moments and centers of mass (2 pages)

          Thursday, April 20  Calculus of smooth parametrized curves (2 pages)

          Thursday, April 20  Graphing a parametrized curve

          Tuesday, May 30  Taylor polynomials (4 pages) [not up yet]

Optional reading:

        Partial proof of L'H˘pital's Rule

Interesting articles:

        Reexamining the Catenary by Paul Cella, copyright the Mathematical Association of America

        A Quotient Rule Integration by Parts Formula by Jennifer Switkes, copyright the Mathematical Association of America [new]

        What's Harmonic about the Harmonic Series? by David Kullman, copyright the Mathematical Association of America

        The Sum of the Alternating Harmonic Series by Timothy Flaherty