Dr. Nestler's Math 2 (Precalculus) - Spring 2018 - Section 2605 - MW 2:15-4:40pm - room MC 74

Course information

        Syllabus (PDF) (8 pages)


        Office hours:  MW 1:30-2:00, T 3:15-4:45, Th 4:15-4:45 in MC 61; Math 11 workshop Th 3:15-4:15 in Math Lab

        Math Lab

Class notes

At the start of course you will receive a 26-page packet of notes that you should bring with you to class.  This set of notes is comprised of the following:

        Wednesday, March 7  Polynomial functions (PDF) (4 pages)

        Monday, March 12  Rational functions (PDF) (6 pages)

        Wednesday, March 14  Real zeros of polynomials (PDF) (2 pages)

        Monday, March 19  Complex zeros of polynomials (PDF) (2 pages)

        Monday, April 2  Carbon dating (PDF)

        Monday, April 16  Definition of trigonometric functions (PDF) (4 pages)

        Monday, May 14  Definition of conic sections (PDF)

        Wednesday, May 16  Hyperbolas (PDF) (4 pages)

        Monday, June 4  Proof of Binomial Theorem (PDF) (2 pages)

Optional reading

An Application of Trigonometry: An Analogue of Heron's Formula for Inscribed Quadrilaterals (4 pages)

What is Arithmetic and Geometric about Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences? (3 pages)