Dr. Nestler's Math 2 (Precalculus) - Spring 2018 - Section 2605 - MW 2:15-4:40pm - room MC 74

Course information

        Syllabus (8 pages)


        Office hours:  MW 1:30-2:00, T 3:15-4:45, Th 4:15-4:45 in MC 61; Math 11 workshop Th 3:15-4:15 in Math Lab

        Math Lab

Class notes

At the start of course you will receive a 25-page packet of notes that you should bring with you to class.  This set of notes is comprised of the following:

        Wednesday, March 7  Polynomial functions (4 pages)

        Monday, March 12  Rational functions (6 pages)

        Wednesday, March 14  Real zeros of polynomials (2 pages)

        Monday, March 19  Complex zeros of polynomials

        Monday, April 2  Carbon dating

        Monday, April 16  Definition of trigonometric functions (4 pages)

        Monday, May 14  Definition of conic sections

        Wednesday, May 16  Hyperbolas (4 pages)

        Monday, June 4  Proof of Binomial Theorem (2 pages)

Optional reading

An Application of Trigonometry: An Analogue of Heron's Formula for Inscribed Quadrilaterals (4 pages)

What is Arithmetic and Geometric about Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences? (3 pages)