Dr. Nestler's Math 13 (Linear Algebra) - Spring 2017 - section 4271 - TTh 5:15-6:35pm - Room MC 83

Class information

        Syllabus (6-page PDF)

Supplemental documents - Bring these to class and keep them nearby when doing homework

        Course supplement (the 8 documents listed below)

        Course preview (2 pages)
        Solution of two linear equations in two variables (2 pages)
        Set notation, mathematical shorthand and proof strategies (1 page)
        Definitions and theorems (1 page)
        Definition of vector space (1 page)
        Determining whether a set is a vector space (1 page)

Additional resources

        Office hours:  MW 1:30-2:00, Tu 4:35-5:05 and Th 3:30-5:00; and Math 13 workshop Tu 3:30-4:30 in Math Lab

        Math Lab

Documents in PDF form (1 page unless noted):  Please print and bring them to class.

      Thursday, February 16  Systems of linear equations (5 pages)

      Thursday, April 20  Rank and nullity of a matrix (6 pages)

Optional reading

A proof that the reduced echelon form of a matrix is unique (2 pages)

Are the Elementary Row Operations Really Elementary?

A Proof of the Associativity of Matrix Multiplication

Representing Elementary Row Operations (3 pages)

A Partial Proof of the Laplace Expansion Theorem (2 pages)

Commutativity of Addition in a Vector Space Follows from Most of the Other Axioms (2 pages)

Bases for Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces (9 pages, written by Professor Karen Smith of the University of Michigan)

Some results concerning dimension (2 pages)

Row and Column Spaces Have Equal Dimensions: Two More Proofs (3 pages)

A direct proof of the rank-nullity theorem (2 pages)