Dr. Nestler's Math 11 (Multivariable Calculus) - Fall 2019 - section 4292 - TTh 7:35-10:00pm - Room MC 67

Class information

        Syllabus (PDF) (8 pages)

Additional resources

        Office hours:  MTWTh 3:45-4:15pm and M 5:45-6:45pm; and Math 11 workshop W 5:45-6:45pm in MC 84B.  These are for drop-in assistance.  No appointments are necessary.

        Math Lab

        Jeff Miller's History of calculus symbols including "curly d" partial derivative operator and gradient symbol

Class notes

At the start of course you will receive a 39-page packet of notes that you should bring with you to class.

Optional reading

A simple proof of the right-hand rule (PDF) (4-page article by Fuchang (Frank) Gao, 2012)

         Direction of normal vector of a smooth plane curve (PDF)

         A differentiable function with discontinuous first partials (PDF)

         A differentiable function with discontinuous, unequal second partials (PDF) (2 pages)

         Two directional derivative examples (PDF)

        "The History of Stokes' Theorem" by Victor J. Katz (PDF), Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 52, No. 3, May 1979, 11 pages

A triple integral in real life

Some examples of non-helix space curves with constant curvature: