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Dr. Aned Muñiz
 Santa Monica College
Modern Languages and Cultures

                                                    2016 courses

German 8              
section 2342                8:00am                       Tu / Th

Russian 8               
section 3255               11:35am                      M / W

Spanish 8              
 section 3297                8:00am                       M / W

Spanish 31A         
 section 3304

All students are expected to check e-companion and their SMC e-mail for updates and information about grades and assignments.

                                                            2015 courses

Italian 1                 section 2436                9:30am-11:00am       Tu / Th / F

Italian 1                 section 2458               12:45pm-2:15pm       Tu / Th / F

Italian 2                 section 2459                 2:30pm-4:45pm          Tu / Th

Spanish 1               section 3495                12:45pm

Spanish 31A          sections 3496/3497      11:15am and 2:15pm     M / W      (12 week classes)


Course Information for Fall 2014:

HSS 151

Italian 2                    9:30am-11:00am       Tu / Th / F 

Italian 4                     2:30pm-4:45pm        Tu / Th    

German 1                   7:30pm-9:55pm        Tu / Th    



Last update:  05/18/16


Additional resources for students: 

 The National Italian American Foundation,  offers Scholarships, a Voyage of Discovery (free trips to Italy for youth of Italian ancestry), and much more.  

The Santa Monica College Italian Club, Club Avanti, meets every Tuesday. Please let your professor know if you’re interested or check out Club Avanti! on Facebook.

 You may also join the Centro de Idiomas del Caribe Facebook group for updates about scholarship opportunities and study abroad, among other language-related  information which your instructor may post. 

Für Deutschstudenten

Stipendien für Studien in Deutschland

Stipendien für Studien in Österreich

Studiare in Italia

Links to scholarships for the study of Italian, particularly in ITALY!

Link to the 48 page, PDF college scholarship handbook

Dr. Paolo Torresan's year as Santa Monica College's Fulbright Scholar in Residence

Fall 2014 office hours

Tuesday :           6:15 pm  -  7:15 pm

Wednesday       11:15am – 12:15pm

Thursday:          11:15am - 12:15pm

 Friday:               11:15am - 12:15pm