Beer: Global Beverage, Local Passion (March/August 2009) -- also available as a single .pdf file

Topic Primers and Commentaries

The Myth of
Continents, or How our Grade-School Teachers Distorted the Truth (January 2000)

Culture: A Brief Look at its Definition (January 2000)

Football in the USA: American Culture and the World's Game (November 2004)

Globalization: The Global Village and the World System (January 2000)

Why I Decided to Become an Historical Geographer: A Statement of
Values and Intellectual Motivations (July 1999)

Some Tips on Non-Fiction
Writing (January 2000)

Research Papers (in .pdf format)

Disturbed Belt or Rancher's Paradise? Exploration and Place-Making in a Western Canadian-American Borderland (August 2001)

Fort Macleod of the Borderlands: Using the 49th Parallel in Southern Alberta (October 1999)

Regionalism, Nationalism, and the Montana-Alberta Borderlands: Duncan McEachran of the New Walrond Ranche, 1881-1923 (March 1999)

Whooping it Up in Chinook Country: Regional Ideas and the Montana-Alberta Borderlands (October 1998)

A Special Kind of Comparative History: Envisioning the Borderlands of the Northwestern Canadian-American Grasslands (November 1997)

When Maps Fail: Straight-Line Metaphors and the Borders and Regions of the Canadian-American Plains (January 1997)

Alienating the Northern Pacific Railway Company's Land Grant in Eastern Montana, 1880-1950: A "Microscopic" Historical Geography (May 1994)

Where is the American West? Creating a Base Map for a New Regional History (April 1994)