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Linux Demo Day and Installfest
Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Technical Education Outreach Event
by Linux Users Los Angeles with Santa Monica College

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Heard about the free, open source Linux operating system? Want to know more about it? Want help getting it up and running on your own PC? Then come to Linux Demo Day at the SMC Business Building, room B259 from 10:30am-2pm, Sunday, July 15, 2007!


  • consultation - If you just have questions about Linux, drop by any time from 10:30am to 1pm; people who use it every day will be there to answer your questions.
  • installation - If you want Linux on your computer, please arrive between 10:30am and 11am; experts will help you install it. (This is called an "Installfest"; see below for details!)
  • presentation - at 1pm two short demos showing how you can use:
    - the OpenOffice application suite
    - the Wine implementation of the Windows API that lets Windows applications run under Linux

    The installfest is an optional part of this event. Take advantage of the opportunity if you wish, or just come to watch, and discuss any topics about Linux you like among knowledgeable and like-minded users.

    If you want to install Linux on your computer:

    The Installfest volunteers will be happy to help you install Linux, either as a secondary boot option, or as your main operating system. Ubuntu CD-ROMs will be available at cost ($2/cd), or you can bring your own. (If you wish to burn your own, the iso  image files to be burned are found at http://www.ubuntu.com.

    They only ask that you follow these rules beforehand:

    1. Please be aware that you will be installing Linux. The Installfest volunteers are there to advise and help troubleshoot; they're not there to do the installation for you.
    2. Make sure your computer's CD-ROM drive is working.
    3. Back up any crucial data from your hard drive. You might accidentally damage your hard drive carrying the computer or installing Linux, and we don't want you to lose any data.
    4. Go to lula.org/mailman/listinfo and follow the instructions to join the LULA mailing list. The mailing list is how you can get help with Linux after the Installfest is over (or before it begins).
    5. Let us know you're coming! Send email to the LULA mailing list with the following information:
      • your name
      • what kind of computer you have, and what operating system it's running (e.g. "A Toshiba Satellite laptop model 2805 running Windows XP")
      • what you want to do (e.g. "add Linux as a second operating system")
    6. Bring your system unit, keyboard, and mouse. (There will be monitors at the Installfest site, and not much room for monitors brought from home.) So please don't bring your monitor.
    7. Arrive at the Installfest between 10:30am and 11am. Installation can take some time; arriving after 11am might not give enough time for you to finish the installation and get everything working.

    The room is on the second floor. Use the elevator inside the building or plan on carrying your computer up a flight of stairs.

    This event brought to you by:

    LULA Linux Users Los Angeles - lula.org
    SMC coordinating liaison - David Morgan
    Event website - http://homepage.smc.edu/morgan_david/linuxdemoday

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Sunday 7/15/07

Installfest 10:30am-1pm
Presentation 1pm-2pm

Santa Monica College
Business Building
(near Pico and 16th)
Second Floor
Room 259
- Regional Map to College
- Campus Map to Building
- Building Map to Room

Enter from Pico, turning south into campus from the traffic light at 17th.
-17th is the unlabeled street shown on the Campus Map to Building running between Structure A and Drescher Hall.
-Park in Structure A or C.
-17th is the driveway for entry into both Structures A and C (right for A, straight for C)
-A and C are both adjacent to the Business Building event site, which lies between them steps away.
-Structures are not patrolled for permit parking enforcement on Sunday so you can safely disregard the "permits required" signage.
- Room B259 is in the southwest corner of the 2nd floor of the Business Building.