In addition to teaching English at SMC, I also teach at the Art Center College of Design

I write fiction and plays. I have published short fiction in a number of journals, including Rosebud, The Clackamas Literary Review, The Southern California Anthology, The Santa Barbara Review, Midday Moon, and Writers' Forum. My collected works are published by White Whisker Books as The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea.  (To read some of my fiction, click here .) 

My produced plays include Fiveplay, Suburban Anger, and Who Lives? Who Lives? is published by White Whisker Books.  I have published four non-fiction children's books, two of which are still in print, and have published articles in nearly 20 newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Cinefantastique, Writer's Digest, Smart Computing, and Chic. I was a theatre critic for Daily Variety for eight years. I also wrote a number of columns about creative writing for Efuse. (To read the columns, click here.)

In short, I am a working writer who teaches, and I teach because what I didn't learn in college English classes was criminal; I want to give the kind of enthusiasm and insight that I wish had been given to me. Reading and writing plug people into the electric flow of life. The subject of English can cover all subjects under the sun.  I love it when students discover the joys of their lives through reading and writing. If they can become better readers and writers, they'll also become better thinkers.

Another way to look at this is that my students are often geniuses when it comes to their own insights, and I don't want to de-genius them.

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