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In order to learn how to set up your Formal Outline ... study this material.

Note: The Formal Outline represents the skeletal structure of your extemporaneous speech. Never write your speech out completely, word-for-word. Learn to work from the outline. This will enable you to make sure that all the parts fit.

Also ... since you will be making changes to your outline as you prepare your speech, do not type the final version until a day or so before your presentation. Work in pencil on a legal pad. Of course if you wish to type it, go ahead. But be prepared to make changes!!!

*** First of all -- check the Oatmeal Outline ***

1.    Your Formal Outline should look like the Oatmeal Outline, with obvious exceptions in terms of  subject matter, possible organization pattern of the Body, etc...

2.    The Formal Outline is a minimum of three (3) pages.

Be sure to note your Transitions. 

Be sure to note your Research Citations on the outline. Refer the Oatmeal Outline for the best way to note these  citations in the Body of the speech.         

3.    The Formal Outline is to be typed -- double space (points deducted for handwritten outlines).

4.    The Formal Outline is to be stapled -- upper left-hand corner. No cover pages or report covers.

5.    All items that are shown in red on the Oatmeal Outline should be included in your Formal Outline.

6.    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.