TEST # 2            ROMAN THEATER

Note: Use Scantron form 1712PAR-L for all questions

Use the following to answer questions 1 – 10:

A:         Plautus
B:         Terence
C:         Seneca
D:         Horace
E:         None of the above

1.                  _____ Author of The Menaechmi

_____ Wrote tragedies similar to those of the Greeks, but far more violent

_____ Wrote plays dealing exclusively with domestic situations

_____ Comic playwright whose style is more literary and less exaggerated than that of the other Roman comic playwright

_____ Author of Ars poetica (The Art of Poetry)

_____ Continued to use a chorus in his plays, but the chorus didn’t play an integral part

_____ Believed drama should both instruct and entertain

_____ Author or Phormio

_____ Often wrote plays where supernatural beings appear in the dramatic action

_____ May have influenced Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Use the following to answer questions 11 – 20

A:         Greek
B:         Roman
C:         Both Greek and Roman
D:         Neither

11.              _____ The actors wore masks

12.              _____ Used a chorus in their tragedies

13.              _____ The head of the acting troupe was known as a dominus

14.              _____ Use singing in their plays

15.              _____ Sometimes wrote trilogies

16.              _____ Theaters were freestanding buildings with the audience sections connected to the stage house

17.              _____ Dramatic festivals were supported and financed by the government

18.              _____ Orchestra was used for seating government officials

19.              _____ Allowed only members of the ruling class to attend performances

20.              _____ Did not allow violence to be portrayed onstage