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Register to Vote


You can register to vote in California on-line at this link



Contact your elected representatives and follow politics




Alphabetical list of the 88 cities (including websites) in Los Angeles County (find out which city you live in here)


If you live in the City of Los Angeles, this webpage gives information on neighborhood councils


Link to information on Los Angeles County government


Information about the Los Angeles Superior Court is here, information on jury service is here


Local cable stations often carry city and county meetings.  Some cities stream and maintain archives of city council meetings (e.g. Santa Monica)




Find your State Assembly member and State Senator here


Contact the Governorís office here


The California Supreme Court can be reached here


Follow state politics at




Find your U.S. House member here


Californiaís U.S. Senators are here


Contact the President here


The United States Supreme Court can be reached here


Follow national politics at