Dr. Lyle Larsen

Tech. 311 "E"

310 434-4523

English 2

Course Syllabus



Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense, seventh edition, Thomas R. Arp.


OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to help you improve your skills in writing and in critical thinking. This will involve reading, discussing, and analyzing works of literature, primarily in the areas of poetry, drama, and the short story.


WRITING ASSIGNMENTS AND EXAMS: You will write between six and eight papers, some in class and some out of class, that explicate, analyze, or in other ways discuss a particular aspect of a literary work. There will also be occasional exams combining multiple choice, short answer, definition, and essay that test your mastery of certain concepts and information covered in class.


FINAL EXAM: The final exam will be comprehensive and will include elements of multiple choice, short answer, definition, and essay. Our final is scheduled for Friday, June 9, 2000, from 8:00-11:00.


ABSENCES: Since this is a three unit course, you are allowed three hours of unexcused absence. For us that means one class meeting. After three hours of unexcused absence, you will

either be dropped from the class or, if we are past the drop period, you will receive a lower final grade in the course.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for everything that goes on in class, whether you are here or not. Absence is no excuse for not keeping up with the class work..


DROPS: If you withdraw from class at any time prior the eighth week, you receive the grade W (honorable withdrawal). If you attend class for any period past the eighth week and then just stop attending, you must receive a grade other than a W--this usually means an F. You can be withdrawn honorably from class past the eighth week only due to extraordinary circumstances beyond your control, and then only if your attendance is satisfactory and you are earning a C or better at the time.

If you decide to drop this class, whether it is before or after the drop period, you must initiate the withdrawal yourself through the Admissions Office. Instructors are not responsible for dropping students at any time during the semester. For further information regarding attendance and withdrawals, see page 118 in the spring schedule of classes.


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