Janie Jones, Ph.D.


Janie Jones, Ph.D.


OFFICE:    Th Arts 121

PHONE:    (310) 434-4599

EMAIL:    jones_janie@smc.edu

OFFICE HOURS:    8:15-9:10a TTh, 2:05-3p Wed



    B.A.        Whittier College                                  History & Math

    M.A.       Whittier College                                  Speech & Drama

    Ph.D.       University of South Carolina                Comparative Literature



    TA 2           Introduction to Theatre              12:45-2:05 TTh            Th Art 101

    TA 2           Introduction to Theatre              7-10p Tues                   Th Art 101

    TA 41         Acting I                                     9:30-10:50 TTh           Th Art 102

    TA 50         Adv Prod-Full Play                                                       Main Stage
                        (KING HEDLEY II)

    TA 51         Make-Up Workshop




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