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Santa Monica College

English Department

Course Information and Resources:  

SPRING 2007: English 81A

SPRING 2007: English 84W
For both courses,  HANDOUTS and WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS will be available through eCompanion, but you must be an enrolled student in order to access eCompanion.

 Communicating with  me:

Office Location:  Drescher Hall, 311 S
Office Hours on Campus:  TO BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS

Email:  heller_gloria@smc.edu 
NOTE: Do not use my email to inquire about assignments; have a  classmate you can rely on for that purpose.
NOTE: Use only your SMC student email address; anything else can easily end up in SMC's junk mail summary, which then gets deleted.

SnailMail: (1) HELLER mailbox in English Department, Drescher Hall 311 (on left wall);

                (2) Campus mail, Liberal Arts Bldg, Room 102; 
                      address your envelope or paper  "Ms. Heller, English  Department"; put in general slot.

VoiceMail:  (310) 434 - 8615

"Exercise Central" is  a large online collection of editing exercises arranged by topic.  Test yourself on a wide variety of skills and get immediate feedback: http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/exercisecentral

Read some philosophy about the teaching of grammar from National Council of Teachers of English : Some grammar info.

Check out this cool page.

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