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Anatomy & Physiology Links:

Short cuts:

General  Anatomy & Physiology Websites:
Online Medical Dictionary: Look up those words/phrases!
Kimball's Biology Pages: has link pages to many alphabetically organized biology topics
Anatomy & Physiology: Animations, Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links for Anatomy
Anatomy & Physiology: A good website with Anatomy Information and Animations

Anatomy & Physiology Advanced Search: enter physiology keywords into this search engine, and you will get many different images, powerpoint files, movies, and case studies.

Practice Anatomy Lab: check out the Anatomical Models (Muscular System) section

Online Human Anatomy: Flash animations of anatomy topics


Histology Slide Index: contains many histology slides

Human Physiology & Anatomy : Contains histology images and practice tests

Gross Anatomy:

Human Anatomy: includes cadaver dissection!

Visible Human Cross Sections: Cross-sectional Tutorial

Plastination Specimens: excellent 3-D & cross-sectional views of plastinated cadavers


Physiology Animations, Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links: excellent site with links to many animations about topics ranging from atoms to organ systems

Physiology Teaching Materials: a page with links to many physiology-related sites

Skeletal System Links:
The eSkeletons Project: view the human skeleton (compare it to that of other vertebrates)
(alternative link)
Articulations: Information about muscles, the joints they move, and exercise

Bones of the Body
: pick a bone and identify bone markings

Muscle Anatomy & Physiology websites:

Superficial Muscles Tutorial: identify the muscles in lab practical models

Muscles of Facial Expression: click on specific muscles to see actions

Muscle Master List: Locate specific muscles (lists origin, insertion, action, & nerve)

Hypermuscle: Muscles in Action: Visualize movements

Intro to the Mechanism of Muscle Contraction: a short webpage with info about contractile physiology

Muscle Contraction Information:

Actin Myosin Crossbridge 3D Animation

Sliding Filament Animation

Sarcomere/Sliding Filament Animation

Neuroanatomy sites:

Neuroscience Tutorial: from brain sections to sleep and language ...

Innervation of Major Muscles: Upper extremity

Innervation of Major Muscles: Lower extremity

Innervation of Cutaneous Regions
: Click on nerve name to view its cutaneous field

Cranial Nerves
: a basic primer

Cranial Nerves: more advanced description of the cranial nerves

Examination of the Cranial Nerves: identifying lesions of the cranial nerves, based on symptoms

Cranial Nerve Pathways: click on nerve to see details about nerve route within skull

Neural Slides & Cross-sections: see "Slides" section at middle-left portion of page

Brainstem Nuclei of the Cranial nerves
: CNS origins of the cranial nerves

Neurobiology websites:

Sensory Illusions: insights into sensory physiology

Neurobiology Animations: links to animations (from NEUROBIOLOGY  Molecules, Cells and Systems, by Gary G. Matthews)

ACTION POTENTIALS: text page + illustrations = info about Action Potentials

Membrane Potential Tutorial: some interesting demos concerning diffusion, generation of the membrane potential, etc.

Action Potential Simulator: fairly simple to use simulation of AP-- alter parameters to see the effect on AP!

Hodgkin-Huxley Simulator: a graphical simulation of a section of excitable neuronal membrane using the Hodgkin-Huxley equations = ADVANCED (see Guide to Use)

Molecular Neurobiology Animations: some Quicktime animations of Synaptic events

Cardiovascular websites:

Cardiovascular Anatomy Links: links to many websites

Heart Anatomy: based on a model (also, see links)

Heart and Blood Vessel Basics: especially Electrical Signals and Blood Flow

Heart Sounds Tutorial: best part = Phases of the Cardiac Cycle

Animation of Route of Blood in Heart: in conjunction with Wiggers Diagram, etc.

Cardiovascular System Anatomy & Physiology: some basics

Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts: includes Cardiac Action Potentials

Cardiovascular Physiology: an excellent summary (see all 4 pages)

Cardiac Electrophysiology: a basic cardiovascular info website
            See associated page about Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

Downloadable Document:

Cardiac Action Potentials: a good description of the physiology of cardiac APs.

Renal websites:

Physiology of the Kidney: good, basic outline of renal physiology

Urinary Concentration and Dilution: in-depth description of renal physiology

Immunology websites:

Basic Immunology: good starter page

Immunology Chapters Online: scroll down to select chapters

Immunology: see first 4 links

Kimball's Biology Pages: see topics listed under "Immune System" & "Immunity"

Cat Anatomy websites:

Practice Anatomy Lab: check out the Cat Anatomy (Muscular System) section

Cat Anatomy Tutorial: figures and information about cat bones, joints, and muscles. See muscle functions to access joint info

Cat Muscles: photos of cat muscle dissection. Click on "Correct Answers" for muscle names.

Cat Muscles (w/ Human Comparison): photos of cat muscle dissections. Click on muscle to see info & general comparison with human muscle location.

Cat Skeleton: labeled cat skeleton.