Emeritus College, a program of Santa Monica College                                                     Art E20 9522 Drawing and Painting                                                                       Instructor: Evelyn Debes                                                                                           Mondays 9:00a to 11:15a 1227 2nd St. Room 204                                            SUMMER 08  portrait

Please bring you choice of media system each week                                                                                    Note the media indicated by an alphabet letter (i.e. "A") refer to the listing on Drawing Material List                                                                                                                                                 You may work in your choice of media each week no matter what is being demonstrated that week

week date program media
1. June 16 Gesture & Contour Water base and graphite
2. June 23 Planes  & Cross hatch Same
3. June 30 Hands & Feet Pencils, Pastels, Ink ABD
4. July 7 Features & Tilts ABD
5. July 14 Light & Clothing Pastels  C
6. July 21 Postures Paints E

You may work on your own project any/all of the weeks.  Please note: donations are necessary for paying our models.                                                                                                    POST YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE BULLETIN BOARD AT THE BEGINNING EACH CLASS   

 SKETCH BOOK NOTES   Bring your sketch book to class for quick poses.  Using a small mirror, draw your features, i.e. one eye and part of adjoining nose.  Draw blind contour drawings of your features.  Do a blind contour drawing of your entire face.  Draw your features within a circle then within a rectangle.  Paste 3 views of heads into your sketchbook; draw guidelines for proportions onto the pasted images.  Draw hands.  Draw figures.  Copy images from magazine3s, books, photos, and television.  Draw sleeping people and pets.  Draw form life.  Use different media.  Use the following techniques: gesture drawing, blind contour, contour drawing, crosshatching, shading, templates, and use color.  Draw a narrative of the same person at different times, in different places.  Draw doodle people.

Your help cleaning-up is truly appreciated after class