CSIS Department Certificate of Completion

Information Systems Management
(this certificate covers the needed material to pass PMI certification exam)

A certificate in IS Management aims to provide Computer Science students with the knowledge
needed to develop Information Systems in a real-world setting.

Students learn how to develop medium to large scale applications while applying the skills needed
to plan and budget resources in development projects from conceptual design to deployment.


Required Courses (13 units) Each course must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

CS 9A / CIS 9A

Technology Project Management I (3)

CS 9B / CIS 9B

Technology Project Management II (3)

CS 15

Visual Basic Programming ( 3)

CS 88A

Independent Study (1)

Select one of the following :

CS 19


CS 32


CS 37

Advanced Visual Basic Programming (3)


Database Programming in Visual Basic .NET (3)


Web Programming in Visual Basic .NET   (3)