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Jinan Darwiche 

Professor, Computer Science

Santa Monica College 

CSIS Department

Office : B220Q
Phone : 310 434 8662 

Email: darwiche_jinan (add at sign 

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Database Applications Developer 

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Courses Taught :

                         Free Software

Object Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET

Online Courses

Online Classes

Online classes are conducted entirely over the internet through

To access the course’s website you must first register in the course through SMC.

Students should expect an email approximately 7 days before the class start date with textbook info and other course info.
Make sure you check your SMC email address regularly.
Important If you do not receive an email prior to course start date, email me immediately.

Working From Home: Students taking online courses only, you may not use the school's computer labs.
If you will be using your home computer, you are responsible for securing your internet access as well as have the software required installed on your home machine. 

How online courses work : An online course has the same content as an on-campus course. You will be using a website, to get lectures, assignments, submit assignments, participate in discussions and do the tests.
To further support online students, PowerPoint presentations files with animation and or videos are posted online in the course shell to help students understand the course topics. Sample solutions, and comment on each assignment for individual feedback are also provided.
The advantage of online courses is that students work at their own pace whenever they want.

To learn from an online source, students need to be disciplined, motivated and follow a self-imposed strict schedule. 

Note : Assignments and Tests have due dates and must be submitted on time to get proper credit.

New to SMC? If you do not have an SMC ID Number, then you must first apply before you can register for courses at Santa Monica College. Click here to get an ID then you can sign up for classes at the Corsair Connect site.


M.S. Computer Science / Information Technology , Imperial College - University of London, 1990.

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Kuwait University, 1987 


2000-Current  Professor, Santa Monica College CSIS department 

1999-2000     InstructorUCLA Extension
Taught online programming courses: Using Excel VBA, Intermediate Programming in VB6.0.

1996-1998    Department Manager, Automated Computer Technologies (ACT)
Software Development and Computer Training Department

1994-1996     Computer InstructorExecutrain of Santa Barbara
Taught computer courses

1990-1991     Systems AnalystKellog Brown and Root  formerly Brown and Root Inc.
Engineering Systems Department
Developed an Expert System as a pilot for assisting Engineers in supporting other departments using a house-developed software for structural analysis.

1987-1989     Research Assistant –Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)Kuwait University.
Department of Tech-Economics (KISR), Office of the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs(KU)
Worked on an R&D project to develop a teaching aid for first-year students in the Civil Engineering Department at KU using PROLOG and LISP.

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