Essay Evaluation Form       


Essay Topic: __________________________________________     Date: _________________

 Check   indicates satisfactorily completed.  X indicates unsatisfactorily completed. 

______________        Essay addresses the assignment/ responds clearly to instructor’s question.

______________        Uses essay format, presenting an introduction paragraph, body paragraph(s) and a conclusion paragraph

_______________      Clear indentation to mark the beginning of paragraphs

 Introduction Paragraph

 ______________        Opening line catches reader’s attention.

______________        Opening does not sound as if it is answering a question.

______________        Thesis takes a clear stand on the assignment question.

______________        Thesis is stated in opinion form.

_______________      Thesis stands by itself and is not blended into the discussion.

Body Paragraphs

______________        One main idea per paragraph 

______________        Each body paragraph contains a topic sentence.

______________        Each body paragraph has details that support/explain the topic sentence.

______________        Details present new information and do not repeat each other.

 Conclusion Paragraph 

______________        Provides a statement that is a rewording of the thesis.

______________        Returns to opening device in the introduction.

______________        Creates a feeling of closure.


 ______________        Sentence structure (no run-ons, comma splices, or fragments)

______________        Subjects and verbs agree. (S-V Ag)

______________        Verb form (VF)

______________        Verb tense (VT)

______________        Pronoun Case (Pro Case)

______________        Pronouns agree with their antecedents. (Pro-Ant Ag)

______________        Pronoun Reference (Ref)

______________        Misuse of the pronoun “you”

______________        Words are missing. (MW)

______________        Words are correctly used.

______________        Word forms are correct. (WF)

______________        Spelling (SP)

______________        Capitalization

______________        Apostrophe usage

______________        Comma usage