Biology 21 Cell Biology & Evolution

 Fall Semester, 2016


Bio21 F16/Bio21 Syllabus F16.pdf

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Chemical Basis of Life

Chapter 3 Chemical Basis of Life II. Biological Molecules

Lab 1 Scientific Experimentation: Standard Curve Analysis

Standard Curve DNA Extraction

Library assignment I

Bio21 Sp16/Diversity Lab.pdf

Diversity Lab Presentation




Biology 3 Fundamentals of  Biology

Fall, 2016

Bio3 Su16/Bio3 Syllabus F16.pdf

Chapter 1 Scientific Thinking

Chapter 10 Part I. The Origin and Diversification of Life on Earth

Chpater 2. Chemistry

Chapter 3. Cells

Chapter 4 Energy

Bio3 Lab 1 Snails Lab Instructions.pdf

Bio3 Lab 1 Snails Worksheet.pdf

Bio 3 Lab 2 pH & Water Lab Instructions.pdf

Bio 3 pH & Water Worksheet.pdf

Bio3/03 Microscope Lab.pdf

Bio3/03 Microscope Worksheet.pdf

Bio 3 Lab 4 Enzymatic Reactions

Bio 3 Lab 5 Respiration and Photosynthesis

Bio 3 Lab 7 DNA Lab