Washington, DC

Advocacy Institute

The Advocacy Institute is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of social and economic justice advocates to influence and change public policy. Undergraduates and graduate students are needed to work with experienced professionals in the areas of fundraising, smoking control, corporate responsibility, and capacity building. Also available are Administrative and Management Internships. The Institute also offers the Angie Martin Public Interest Internship, an endowed competitive internship established to memorialize the life and work of Angie Martin and to promote citizen advocacy. Interns must have excellent writing, research, communication and computer skills.

Intern Coordinator, Advocacy Institute, 1707 L Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036; (202)659-4159 x356, fax (202)659-8484; intern@advocacy.org; www.advocacy.org

Alliance for Justice

Alliance for Justice is a national association of public interest environmental, women's, consumer, and civil rights organizations. It works to advance the cause of justice, strengthen the public interest community's ability to influence public policy, and foster the next generation of advocates. Undergraduate interns will work with the Civic Responsibility Training Project. They will provide advocacy/activism training for young people around the country engaged in community service. They will also help develop training materials that empower youth to develop leadership skills. Law students will work on First Monday 1998, a nationwide series of events at law schools, promoting law in the public interest.

Alicia Holmes, Alliance for Justice, 2000 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20036; (202)822-6070, fax (202)822-6068; alliance@afi.org.

ASPIRA Association

ASPIRA is the only national nonprofit organization exclusively devoted to serving Puerto Rican and other Latino youth through leadership development and education. The National Office supports local offices in their one-on-one work with students in order to provide them with the personal resources they need to remain in school and contribute to their community. ASPIRA has internships for both undergraduate and graduate students. Areas include: public policy research, legislative analysis, health policy, youth leadership, program development, community service, parental leadership, dropout prevention, and math and science education.

Diane Wood, ASPIRA, 1444 Eye Street NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20005; (202)835-3600 x128, fax (202)835-3613.

Business Executives for National Security

"BENS," a national, nonpartisan organization of business leaders, attempts to bring a non-ideological approach to national security issues, focusing on proposals that work. Its members and policy staff promote better defense management, economic as well as military strength, and practical ways to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Both graduate and undergraduate intern programs are available for those with an interest in national and economic security policy. Research and writing skills are important.

Zach Selden, BENS, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20006; (202)296-2125, fax (202)296-2490.

Center for Public Integrity

The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, was founded in 1989 by Charles Lewis following a successful 11-year career in journalism and network television news. The Center has released 28 investigative reports about public service, government accountability and ethics related issues, including "The Buying of the President" and the prize-winning newsletter, "Fat Cat Hotel." Besides working on specific investigative research projects, interns are introduced to the "nuts and bolts" of investigative journalism: everything from electronic journalism to government reports, records, and statistics to on- and off-the-record interviews with government officials, academics, economists, activists, whistleblowers, and ordinary Americans.

Bill Allison, Center for Public Integrity, 1634 Eye Street NW, Suite 902, Washington, DC 20006; (202)783-3900, fax (202)783-3906; Ballison@publicintegrity.org.

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

The goal of CSBA is to challenge conventional wisdom and give voice to innovative thinking about the future security framework of the United States. Through research studies and public education activities, CSBA makes clear the interrelationship between military planning and defense budgets. Interns will contribute directly to the organization's mission by providing support for research projects, Congressional staff briefings and senior policymaker seminars. Excellent communication skills and interest in U.S. defense and national security issues are essential. Please send resume, letter of interest, and brief writing sample by April 15.

Laureen Andrews, CSBA, 1730 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Suite 912, Washington, DC 20036; (202)331-7990, fax (202)331-8019.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Center conducts research and analysis on federal and state policy decisions affecting low and moderate income Americans. Public officials, nonprofit organizations, and the news media rely on Center reports for timely, thorough, and readable analyses of current issues. Current policy areas include federal and state budgets, welfare, health care, nutrition, job creation, poverty trends, and taxes. The Center seeks graduate and undergraduate students to work in several research areas and in legislation, media relations (including web development and administration), outreach, fundraising and nonprofit management. Applicants should have research, writing, analytical, and computer skills. Application deadline: March 15.

Internship Coordinator, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 820 First Street NE, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20002; (202)408-1095 x342, fax (202)408-1056; internship@center.cbpp.org.

Child Welfare League of America

Through program and policy initiatives research, advocacy and publications, CWLA, with its national membership of more than 900 child welfare agencies, works to improve life for more than two million abused, neglected, and abandoned children. Interns work on programmatic, research and policy initiatives. Topics include teen pregnancy, adoption, child abuse/neglect, foster care, family preservation, AIDS, independent living, and poverty. Excellent written and oral communication skills, and knowledge of and commitment to children's issues are essential. Please send resume, cover letter, 2-3 page writing sample and three references. All application materials must be received by March 31.

Leslie Wilson, CWLA, 440 First Street NW, Washington, DC 20001-2085; (202)638-2952; www.cwla.org.

Citizens for Tax Justice

Citizens for Tax Justice was formed in 1979 to give low- and middle-income working Americans a greater voice in the crafting of tax policy at the federal, state and local levels. CTJ has also led the fight to make profitable corporations pay their fare share. Interns assist with lobbying and research efforts. Strong writing, researching, computer skills and a commitment to progressive issues a plus. A knowledge of tax policy is not necessary, but applicants should have some knowledge of basic economic principles and feel comfortable with their math skills. Interested applicants should provide their resume, references and a cover letter.

Tyson Slocum, Citizens for Tax Justice, 1311 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20005; (202)626-3780, fax (202)638-3486; tslocum@ctj.org; www.ctj.org.

Co-op America

Co-op America is a national nonprofit, worker-managed organization dedicated to creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society by harnessing economic power for positive change. Co-op America's unique approach involves working with the consumer and business sides of the economy simultaneously. Interns get practical experience in research, writing and general organizational strategy. Each offers excellent exposure to the world of marketing and development in the nonprofit social change sector. Internships are available in: Marketing Analysis, Website Development, Publications and Green Business Research.

Rafael Salomon, Co-op America, 1612 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006; (202)872-5335, fax (202)331-8166; www.coopamerica.org.

Food Research and Action Center

FRAC is a national organization which addresses hunger and poverty in the U.S.. FRAC focuses on the federal food and nutrition programs (school lunch, breakfast, summer food, food stamps, maternal and child health programs) as a first line of defense against hunger. Law clerks/interns work directly with policy staff and are assigned to specific program projects. These projects often entail working with FRAC's state and local grassroots network, engaging in research and information analysis, lobbying Congressional offices, covering Congressional hearings, and working in collaboration with other national advocacy organizations. Our staff considers mentoring an important part of any internship program.

Wanda Putney, FRAC, 1875 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 540, Washington, DC 20009; (202)986-2200 x3021, fax (202)986-2525.


HALT, the nation's largest and oldest legal reform organization, is dedicated to the principle that all Americans should be able to handle their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably. Supported by 50,000 members, HALT pursues an aggressive education and advocacy program that challenges the legal establishment to improve America's civil justice system. HALT also provides basic legal information to consumers through a series of self-help handbooks and fact sheets. Interns may work on a variety of projects: research and writing, media advocacy, public education and membership development. Undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to apply. Please send cover letter, resume and references.

James C. Turner or Ed Tannouse, HALT, 1612 K Street NW, #510, Washington, DC 20006; (202)887-8255, fax 202-887-9699; www.halt.org.

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters is the bipartisan political arm of the environmental movement, representing the more than nine million members of environmental and conservation organizations. LCV is the only national environmental organization that devotes itself full-time to educating voters and winning elections. LCV's mission is to protect the environment through political action. We do this by helping elect pro-conservation candidates to Congress, as well as holding Members of Congress accountable for their environmental votes by publishing the National Environmental Scorecard. LCV offers political action, communications and grassroots internships. Please send cover letter, resume and writing sample.

Andrew Vitols, League of Conservation Voters, 1707 L Street NW, #750, Washington, DC 20036; (202)785-8683, fax (202)835-0491.

National Association of Child Advocates

NACA is an association of state and local multi-issue child advocacy agencies whose mission is to unite and strengthen advocates working at the state and community level. With 52 members in 40 states, NACA serves as a forum for information exchange and a catalyst for action among its members. NACA establishes links between state and local advocates and national experts, provides a clearinghouse for information about child advocacy and children's issues, and enables members to share ideas, trade information, plan strategies and effect change. Projects include: Child Care, Children's Health, Child Welfare, Budget Watch and Welfare Devolution. Deadline: April 1.

Sheri A. Brady, National Association of Child Advocates, 1522 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005; (202)289-0777 x203, fax (202)289-0776; Sheri@childadvocacy.org.

National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids

The National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids is the country's largest non-governmental initiative ever launched to protect children from tobacco addiction. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is the action arm of the Center. The Campaign is working to protect kids from tobacco by: raising awareness that tobacco use is a pediatric disease; changing public policies to limit the marketing and sales of tobacco to children; altering the environment in which tobacco use and policy decisions are made; and actively countering the tobacco industry and its special interest.

Janell Bragg, National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids, 1707 L Street, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036; (202)296-5469, fax (202)296-5427; jbragg@tobaccofreekids.org

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

NCRP is committed to making philanthropy more responsive to socially, economically and politically disenfranchised people, and to diverse communities nationwide. NCRP's programs aim to maximize the financial capacities of organizations committed to seeking justice for low-income people, racial and ethnic minorities, women and others who are targets of discrimination. It also assists organizations promoting environmental sanity.

Kate Conover, NCRP, 2001 S Street NW, #620, Washington, DC 20009; (202)387-9177, fax (202)332-5084.

National Network for Youth

National Network for Youth represents over 1,200 constituents, primarily community-based youth-serving agencies. National Network's mission is to ensure that young people can be safe and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives. The Best Practices intern will research and write health promotion articles for NNY publications, represent NNY at meetings, and answer technical assistance requests. The Public Policy intern will monitor federal legislation, assist grassroots advocacy, write articles, accompany staff on Hill visits, and respond to information requests. The Information Services intern will assist with marketing efforts to recruit members and promote NNY and its members. Deadline for applications is March 31.

Twylia Fannin, NNY, 1319 F Street NW, Suite 401, Washington, DC 20004; (202)783-7949 x118, fax (202)783-7955; NN4Youth@worldnet.att.net.

National Public Radio

NPR produces news, cultural and performance programs and distributes them to more than 500 member stations. Each week, more than 20 million people tune in to NPR programming on member stations. Internships are available in a variety of areas for graduate students and undergraduates in their junior and senior years. For a complete listing of all internships available, visit NPR's website at www.npr.org or call the NPR job line at (202)414-3030. To obtain an application form, send an e-mail request to internship@npr.org or fax a request to (202)414-3047.

Debbie Howe, NPR, 635 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001; (202)414-2910.

People for the American Way

People for the American Way is made up of more than 300,000 Americans -- members, activists, volunteers and staff -- dedicated to working together to defend and promote the basic democratic values on which America thrives: religious freedom, respect for diversity, and a culture of opportunity and tolerance of individual differences. Interns assist with research, writing, monitoring programs, tracking legislation and grassroots organizing.

Judy Green, People for the American Way, 2000 M Street NW, Washington, DC 200036; (202)467-4999; pfaw@pfaw.org.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Physicians for Social Responsibility is committed to the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, the achievement of a sustainable environment, and the reduction of violence. Undergraduate or graduated students with an interest in grassroots organizations are needed to conduct research, analysis, and organizing. Knowledge of research techniques and a strong interest in the issues of nuclear weapons or gun violence prevention is key. Writing and communication skills and computer literacy are required. Please send, by March 31, a resume, writing sample on a related issue, and a cover letter stating your availability.

Robert Musil or Alyson Michael, Physicians for Social Responsibility, 1101 14 Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005; (202)898-0150.

Public Citizen

Public Citizen is a nonpartisan advocacy organization that uses research, media outreach, grassroots organizing, public education, litigation, and lobbying to achieve success in long-term campaigns for public health and safety and government and corporate accountability. Interns are needed to help with research, writing and organizing on the following issues: international trade; energy; campaign finance reform; and regulatory rollback. Please send a resume and brief writing sample by April 15th.

Victoria Nugent, Public Citizen, 1600 20 Street NW, Washington, DC 20009; (202)588-1000, fax (202)588-7799.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club, one of the nation's largest grassroots conservation organizations, supports the exploration, enjoyment and protection of the wild places of the earth; works to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; educates and enlists humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment. Interns concentrate on issue, media or educational programs. They gain an in-depth understanding of the field of environmental protection, the role of non-governmental organizations and the workings of the legislative and executive branches of government. Send cover letter, resume, and writing sample by April 1, 1998.

Annette Henkin, Sierra Club, 408 C Street NE, Washington, DC 20002; (202)547-1141, fax (202)547-6009.