Warner History Essay Mary Warner Clive Warner Seth Warner

The Warners--Mary, Clive, and Seth--were inspirational instructors who taught at Santa Monica College from the early 1940s through the early 1990s. This essay contest reflects their dedication to and interest in the fields of history and philosophy.
The 2002 Warner History
Essay Contest

(not restricted to Social Science majors)

Take this opportunity to examine the role of

Terrorism in History

Submit your essay to be considered for a cash prize

Minimum requirements to enter the essay competition:

Applications are available at the Social Science Office, Room L.A. 110 M.

Application Deadline--April 2, 2002
5p.m. no exceptions

5-8 page essay is due on Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Essay Evaluation Criteria

  1. Historical Orientation. Since the Warner Award was established in honor of three historians, it is essential that the essay be primarily historical in content. Although the topic might suggest political, philosophical, or sociological approaches, the winning essay will focus on the topic in historical context.
  2. Thesis. The essay should contain a clear, integrating thesis developed early in the paper. The remainder of the essay should then be devoted to elaborating and refining the thesis with relevant evidence and/or examples from history.
  3. Analysis. Interpretation and analysis are more important than narration and summation. You must support your thesis with historical examples and show in your essay how you arrived at your conclusions and why you rejected other possibilities. Your work should reflect complexity.
  4. Critical Thinking. Your work should explore alternative, differing opinions and viewpoints.
  5. Originality. Your essay should detect and define aspects of the topic that might not necessarily be considered in that light or might be overlooked.
  6. Composition.  While such matters as careful organization, correct grammar and spelling, and neatly typed/computer-generated copy are important; a compelling style of presentation is essential to a winning essay. Simplicity and clarity are good guidelines. Avoid jargon and/or flowery language. Proofread your final draft before submitting it.

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