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Office Location: LS131D
Office Phone: 310.434.8781 (email is easier than voicemail)
Email: brown_nate@smc.edu


SMC Speech and Debate Team

Teaching Philosophy:

  • I believe that having high standards and requiring excellence in all work is the best gift I can give to my student. I maintain high standards so that my students will be prepared for what upper division and graduate level University work is like after they transfer.

  • I believe that education is a process as well as a product. I value your final projects, but I also value that you were a good student along the way. Being on time, not missing class, doing all work on time, and participating in class discussions are highly desirable and rewarded behaviors in my classes. If you tend to be late, miss class unnecessarily, forget to do homework, and are always playing "catch-up" in your other classes, then my class may not be for you unless you want a teacher that will try to instill in you better student skills.

Typical Classroom Policies:

Com St 11: Public Speaking
  • The Public Speaking class I teach is a Hybrid, which means it is 50% online, and 50% face to face.
  • The students must learn most of the lecture material through online lectures, and other online work. This requires an especially self-motivated students with high levels of competence with computers and distance education.
  • Exams are taken online.

  • Students use video cameras and microphones at home to record speech progress and post to the class website for discussion.

  • Graded speeches are delivered in class, face to face.

  • The class meets only once a week on campus, so absences are especially problematic.

Com St 35: Interpersonal Communication (Online only)
  • I teach this class online.
  • Students read chapters, study PowerPoint presentations, read lectures, listen to lectures, and watch video clips.
  • For each chapter there are discussion questions to be answered online in the class forum. There are also written journal assignments that only I will read and grade.
  • There are timed three exams.
Com St 21: Argumentation
  • I teach the difficult concepts from the reading, but also supplement the book with lectures on material that is not in the book. Without attendance and good note-taking, exams may be difficult to pass.
  • Attendance is required. Unnecessary absences will hurt your participation grades. Excessive absences result in failing the class or being dropped from the class.
  • I persuasive speaking and debate skills. We discuss and debate current controversial issues. Students pair up with each other and debate other students. Hi quality research is an important part of your speech and debate success.
Com St 22: Introduction to Competitive Speech and Debate
  • This is the class for students who want to learn about a competitive speech and debate team, or who want to be on the SMC competitive speech and debate team. No previous experience is necessary, but students with high school or other competitive speech or debate experience are highly encouraged to join.
  • Some of the work is arranged hours, which means students work on their own, attend tournaments, train with the team, etc.
Com St 37: Intercultural Communication
  • I usually only teach this class online. Students learn how to understand the relationship between culture and communication success. I teach the difficult concepts from the reading, but also supplement
  • Students read the book, watch and listen to online lectures, engage in online discussions, take online exams, and also take intercultural field trips of their own choosing.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • SMC Skeptics Club: In the past, I have been the faculty adviser for The SMC Skeptics Club, which focuses on the relationship between science, pseudoscience, critical thinking, and communication. Don't believe in Big Foot, alien abduction, and miracle herbal cures? Maybe the Skeptics Club is for you.
  • Or, do you believe in Big Foot, alien abductions, miracle cures, etc? Maybe the Skeptics Club will be good for you.
  • Sigma Chi Eta: In the past, I have been the faculty advisor for Sigma Chi Eta, the National honor society for community college communication studies majors.
  • I am an adult leader for the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to all the citizenship education, outdoor adventure, and character development, I also actively campaign to decrease any discriminatory membership policies that the BSA still maintains. I am proud to be part of the recent movement to change the youth and adult membership policies toward more equality.

Personal Experience and Education:

  • CSUN for B.A.

  • USC for M.A.

  • Army Reserve

  • SMC professor since 2001.

  • Previously taught at USC, CSUN, and GCC.

Personal Information:

  • Family man, married since 1994 to the girl of my dreams, with two boys who are growing up quickly.

  • La Crescenta (Glendale), California native.

  • Hobbies: wilderness survival, disc golf, Scouting, camping and hiking, science fiction, paintball.

Nate Brown at SMC through the years

2003 SMC graduation.

Nate Brown and 
			Professor Sara Brewer at 2003 SMC graduation in cap and gown

2004 SMC Graduation

Nate Brown at 2004 SMC graduation in cap and gown

2005 SMC Graduation

2005 Nate Brown and Nancy Grass Hemmert SMC graduation

2006 SMC Graduation

2006 Nate Brown with Nancy Grass Hemmert and Garen Bagdasarian

2009 SMC Graduation

2009 SMC Graduation

2010 SMC Graduation

2010 SMC Graduation with Nate Brown, Nancy Grass Hemmert, and Garen Bagdasarian

2011 SMC Graduation

2011 SMC Graduation with Nate Brown, Nancy Grass Hemmert, and Garen Bagdasarian

2012 SMC Graduation

2012 SMC Graduation with Nate Brown and Jim Strammel

2013 SMC Classroom, celebrity visit

2013 Nate Brown and George Lopez in classroom visit

2014 SMC Skeptiod.com guest Brian Dunning with Nate Brown

2014 Nate Brown with special guest Brian Dunning from Skeptoid.com

2015 SMC Graduation

2015 SMC Graduation with Nate Brown, Nancy Grass Hemmert and Garen Bagdasarian