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Last Update: 6/16/2017

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles – Online Sections 1253 & 1256

Summer 2017: June 19 – July 29, 2017

Syllabus – PDF file


We will use the following TWO websites -- mandatory graded material is on both:

 i) = Sapling for online problem sets (See Syllabus for information about purchasing)


Directions To Sign Up for Sapling – PDF file



SMC Canvas Learning Management System (NOT old eCollege System)


The required text is: Principles of Microeconomics by N.G. Mankiw.

The current edition is the 8th but older editions may be used since the material of EC 1 does not change quickly (unlike EC 2. Macroeconomics).  The 5th  6th, 7th and 8th editions are nearly identical.  The bookstore had difficulty ordering old-edition texts, but luckily copies may be easily obtained online for very low cost from Amazon, Chegg and similar online booksellers. 


Be careful.  Different versions sell/rent for vastly different prices.  Be sure to get the standard version with all 22 Chapters.  We use the first 17 chapters, but some partial versions online do not have all 17. 


Prices for used copies of the standard version 6th edition with ISBN 978-0-538-45304-2 start below $15 on Amazon:   

In addition, students are required to purchase Sapling access separately for $30 – see above.


General EC 1 information:

 -  General Information for Econ 1       


If you would like to add this class email me at ON Saturday June 17 (not before).

I will provide a permission to add code for any student who emails me on 6/17, and will likely be able to provide code numbers for students who email 6/18 and perhaps 6/19.

I do not change or extend any deadlines for any student who adds late. 

If you receive a permission code from me, use it immediately after reading the syllabus and deciding if you have enough time to devote to this class to succeed. 

Be sure to pay SMC fees on time.





Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles Spring 2017:


Online Sections 1843 & 1844: Second Eight Weeks, 4/16 – 6/10/2017 –Syllabus:


This course uses two required websites 




LaunchPad for eText, study materials, and homework:   

ii)  SMC Canvas Learning Management System



Required Text:

Macroeconomics, by P. Krugman and R. Wells. 4rd edition, Macmillan/Worth Publisher (eText comes with required LaunchPad)


The SMC bookstore has a very reasonable price.  Students have two options:

i) Access card for eText and LaunchPad Access ISBN 9781319011024 ($92) or

ii) Loose-leaf hardcopy which provides eText and LaunchPad Access ISBN 9781319039882 ($105.50 at SMC bookstore)


Directions on how to sign up for Launch Pad are:






(Link to download Acrobat Reader, if your computer doesn't already have it - it's free) 

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The Washington Post

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The PBS News Hour (formerly McNeil Lehrer News Hour) - web site for the best TV program in the U.S. (well, maybe second best, after "The Simpson's")

The Economist Magazine - many articles are available without subscribing

Japan Times - popular Japanese newspaper published in English

     Economics links:

Resources for Economists on the Internet, by Bill Goffe



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