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Last Update: 6/16/2016

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles – Online Sections 1266 & 1269

Summer 2016: June 20 – July 29, 2016



We will use the following TWO websites -- mandatory graded material is on both: = Sapling for online problem sets (See Syllabus for information about purchasing)

    eCollege = SMCOnline – course testing, grades, discussion board, and administration


General EC 1 information:

 -  General Information for Econ 1 - outside of eCollege     


Past Classes:


Spring 2016


Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles – Online Section 1825

First Eight Weeks: 2/16-4/8/2016 



Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles – Online Sections 1822 & 1823

Second Eight Weeks: 4/18 – 6/10/2016 



These classes will require students:

i) Be able to take exams online between 5 PM Thursdays and 11:30 PM Fridays

ii) Have a reliable internet connection and can meet deadlines - none are ever individually extended or changed.

iii) Purchase access to LaunchPad with discount loose-leaf version of the text available at the SMC bookstore


This course uses two required websites:

i) LaunchPad for eText, study materials, and homeworks.  

ii) eCollege = SMCOnline for Tests (using ExamGuard) which must be completed on Thursday or Friday evenings.  


 Required Text:

Macroeconomics, by P. Krugman and R. Wells. 4rd edition, Macmillan/Worth Publisher

I have secured a reduced price for students who purchase this from the SMC bookstore.  Students have two options:

i) Access card for eText and LaunchPad Access ISBN 9781319011024 ($92) or

ii) Loose-leaf hardcopy which provides eText and LaunchPad Access ISBN 9781319039882 ($105.50)


Students may 

  1. Go to      

            (This is for section 1825, first 8 week session only) Bookmark the page to make it easy to return to.

  1. Enroll in our course using one of the following options:
  1. If you have an access code, select “I have a student access code,” enter the code exactly as it appears on the card, and click Submit. (THIS IS THE OPTION WHO PURCHASE THE CODE FROM THE SMC BOOKSTORE)
  2. If you don’t have an access code, you may either purchase a text package that includes one OR click “I want to purchase access” and follow the instructions. (I BELIEVE THIS IS MORE EXPENSIVE, SO NOT RECOMMENDED)
  3. If you need to start working but can’t purchase right away, select “I want temporary access” and follow the instructions.


This class is conducted entirely via the Internet

Information regarding this class is available on the SMC online schedule of classes:


General EC 2 information:      

 -  General Information For Econ 2 – outside of eCollege

 -  Economics 2 – OLD Course Material – when I used a different text - Spring 06



(Link to download Acrobat Reader, if your computer doesn't already have it - it's free) 

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The Washington Post

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The PBS News Hour (formerly McNeil Lehrer News Hour) - web site for the best TV program in the U.S. (well, maybe second best, after "The Simpson's")

The Economist Magazine - many articles are available without subscribing

Japan Times - popular Japanese newspaper published in English

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Resources for Economists on the Internet, by Bill Goffe



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