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Last Update: 6/14/2018


Old Courses:

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles Summer 2018:


Online Sections 1267 & 1270: Six Weeks, 6/18 7/27/18


Syllabus EC 1 Summer 2018


We will use the following TWO websites -- mandatory graded material is on both:

I) Sapling for online problem sets:


See Syllabus for information about purchasing or follow power point below temporary complementary access is possible:


Be sure you do NOT enroll in wrong Section -- Enroll in Summer sections 1267 & 1270


Instructions to sign up for Sapling (updated for Summer):


Instructions for enabling flash in Firefox:



SMC Canvas Learning Management System



The required text is: Principles of Microeconomics by N.G. Mankiw.

The current edition is the 8th but older editions may be used since the material of EC 1 does not change quickly (unlike EC 2. Macroeconomics). The 5th 6th, 7th and 8th editions are nearly identical. The bookstore had difficulty ordering old-edition texts, but luckily copies may be easily obtained online for very low cost from Amazon, Chegg and similar online booksellers.


Be careful. Different versions sell/rent for vastly different prices. Be sure to get the standard version with all 22 Chapters. We use the first 17 chapters, but some partial versions online do not have all 17. Be sure to get MICRO not macro they look similar and he first several chapters are the same.


Prices for used copies of the standard version 6th edition with ISBN 978-0-538-45304-2 start below $15 on Amazon.


In addition, students are required to purchase Sapling access separately for $30 see above.


General EC 1 information:


- General Old Information for Econ 1- still useful



Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles Winter 2018:


Online Section 1191: SIX Weeks, Jan 2 Feb 10, 2018 Syllabus:


This course uses two required websites



LaunchPad for eText, study materials, and homework:



ii) SMC Canvas Learning Management System

Required Text:

Macroeconomics, by P. Krugman and R. Wells. 4rd edition, Macmillan/Worth Publisher (eText comes with required LaunchPad)


The SMC bookstore has a higher price than in the past. Most students will want to purchase the text resource directly from the publisher at the above website. They may select either an eText or for a higher price, Loose-leaf hardcopy. Realize a new edition is coming out, so the resale price of the 4th edition will be very low, so it may make more sense to use the eText if you can not get a very low priced version of the hardcopy.






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