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Last Update: 9/5/14

Economics is a Social Science and also related to business - 10 Minute presentation by Bruce Brown posted at Cal Poly Pomona's College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences Page:

Section 1815 is overfilled and I will not be providing any additional pemission to enroll forms. 

I will teach this class again in the second 8-week session of Fall 10/27 – 12/19 and I intend to provide permission to enroll numbers to those in the official waitpool on the Sunday before the start of the semester (10/26).


Fall 2014: 9/2 – 10/23/14 Syllabus


Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles – Section 1815

 This class REQUIRES students:

i) Be able to take 3-hour exams online between 2 and 9 PM on the following Fridays: 9/19; 10/3; 10/17; 10/24

ii) Have a computer on which they will install “ExamGuard” software (requires administrative rights)

iii) Have a reliable internet connection and can meet deadlines - none are ever individually extended or changed.

iv) Purchase access to EconPortal Access with eText; and access and use SMCOnline = eCollege by Friday 9/5.


Any student unable to do all of the four things above may not take EC 2, section 1815. All students must carefully read this syllabus as soon as possible.

 This course uses two required websites:

i) EconPortal for eText, Study Materials, problem sets and homeworks.

ii) eCollege = SMCOnline for Tests (using ExamGuard) which must be completed Friday afternoon/evenings


 Required Text: Macroeconomics, by P. Krugman and R. Wells. 3rd edition, 2013, Worth

ISBN10: 1-4641-2295-4 or ISBN13: 978-1-4641-2295-8

Students must choose one of two options:

1) Buy the special reduced-price loose-leaf hard copy version of this text at the SMC bookstore which comes with EconPortal Software, (this is the preferred option –cost is lower than competition).


2) Buy EconPortal with eText only online directly from the publisher ($85 for 6 month access)


 To sign up for the course students should:

1. Go to Use FIREFOX or EXPLORER as your browser (Safari and Chrome are not supported by EconPortal and will cause problem which you may not notice at first).

2. Click on the link "REGISTER AN ACTIVATION CODE."

3. You will be prompted to follow the on-screen instructions to find your course. Start by selecting California as the state, SMC as the school and Bruce Brown and EC 2 section 1815

4. You will enter the activation code that came with the textbook - then enter your email address, and choose a password.

5. You may choose to purchase etext and EconPortal directly from the publisher by clicking on the “PURCHASE” link.


General EC 2 information:


 -  General Information For Econ 2 – outside of eCollege

 -  Economics 2 – OLD Course Material – when I used a different text - Spring 06



General EC 1 information:

 -  General Information for Econ 1 - outside of eCollege     

 -  Information for EC 201 at Cal Poly Pomona  - very similar to EC1 at SMC



Completed Courses:


Spring 2014 – 8 Weeks, 2/18 - 4/10/2014  

Economics 1 - Macroeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION: 1745



We will use the following TWO websites -- mandatory graded material is on BOTH:

    Aplia – online text and problem sets  See Syllabus or information posted in eCollege site regarding how to purchase

    eCollege = SMCOnline – course testing, grades, discussion board, and administration


This class is conducted entirely via the Internet - including assignments, quizzes, final exam, and reading.

Information regarding this class is available on the SMC online schedule of classes:


Note: all deadlines are completely inflexible.  No deadlines will be individually adjusted.  In the event of a technical problem with one of the two websites above, deadlines may be adjusted in a uniform way for all students.  There will be no adjustment for problems with any individual student’s computer or internet connection.


Required Materials:

                Aplia site access and etext of Principles of Microeconomics, 5th edition, by N.G. Mankiw, published by Cengage/South-Western


Students will purchase access to Aplia and an eText version directly from Aplia online (or from the bookstore, if you purchase an access card there be sure it is for the 5th edition of Principles of Microeconomics by Mankiw).  A hardcopy is optional, but as 6th and 7th editions have been published, the 5th should be very inexpensive online.  NOTE - Aplia is REQUIRED, so simply using a hardcopy without the Aplia/eText combination is not possible.


Aplia economics instructional software serves two connected functions in this class: i) a means to obtain an electronic version of the text, accessible online, and ii) for completion of required problem set assignments. 


Winter 2014 – 6 Weeks, 1/6 -2/13/2014

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION: 1096



FALL 2013 -- Second 8-weeks:

Economics 2 - Macroeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION



FALL 2013 -- First 8-weeks: 8/26 - 10/18/13

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION: 1778



Summer 2013 – SIX weeks: 6/17 – 7/26/13

Economics 2 - Microeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION: 1218



Spring 2013 -- Second 8-weeks: 4/15 – 6/7/13

Economics 2 - Microeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTIONS: 1718 & 1719



Spring 2013 -- First 8-weeks: 2/11 – 4/5/13

Economics 1 - Microeconomic Principles - FULLY ONLINE SECTION: 1708






(Link to download Acrobat Reader, if your computer doesn't already have it - it's free) 

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Japan Times - popular Japanese newspaper published in English

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Resources for Economists on the Internet, by Bill Goffe



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