Teri Bernstein
 Santa Monica College
Business Dept

Spring 2012   

Mon Weds  Accounting 2  9:30-11:55  B254
Online Accounting 2, weeks 9-16

Office hours:  Monday 12:15-3:15
Tues 1:00-1:30   M-F: online email checked at 5:30 pm.

Accounting tutoring hours: See schedule on door of B150

Communicating with Professor Bernstein:     

Office location B200C  2nd floor patio  
Telephone Number: (310)  434-4645

Email: Bernstein_Teri@smc.edu
Important!-Subject line in email:
Section number Lastname, Firstname: subject e.g:
1012 Smith, Mohammed: want to add    or
1098 Niemi, Barb: please change grade on quiz


Course Information and Resources:

Accounting 1  archived
Accounting 2:  see link for online syllabus and task calendar
I no longer teach Intermediate accounting courses, but they are offered in 8 week sections almost every semester and intersession.  Please contact: 
                   Hanson_Maria@smc.edu (part time)
                   Carballo_Pebble@smc.edu (part time)                                           



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