Brenda Antrim
Santa Monica College Library

Please send book and audiovisual material recommendations for expanding the Library collection using our online form.

For orientations and workshops:

Literacy Fights Fake News plus handouts  3/18
Introduction to Academic Research  rev. 1/2017

Evaluating News Websites handout (PDF) 3/2017

Quick Sheet on News Literacy 4/2018
Communication Research, workshop outline, rev. 4/2018
Evaluating Academic Resources on the Web, workshop outline, rev. 5/2017

Reference and news pages:

BBC News

Internet Archive (images, videos, text, music)

Internet Memory Foundation (archive of the web)

Selected Resources, Student Veterans :

Santa Monica College Veterans' Resource Center
Student Veterans of America
Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (US Dept. of Education)

Reference Resources on the Environment:

Endangered Species Links

National Park Service

Green LA Website

The California Disaster Center news, weather, emergency, directory to online information

On Women's Issues/History:

Ms. (online Feminist magazine)

Feminist Majority Foundation Online

Women's History Archive at Smith College

National Organization for Women

WomenWatch (United Nations)

National Women's History Project

Selected Resources Used by the Statistical Abstract of the US:

State and Federal Government Sources
Non-Governmental Sources
Federal Agency Statistical Reports

For Courses:

Early Childhood Education (Manson, 2003)

Economics 15/ History 15 (Rabach, 2005)

Economics 5 (Rabach, 2005)

English 1 (Doucet, 2003)

English 1 (Gildner, 2003)

English 1 (Hoover, 2003)

History 10 (Kawaguchi, 2007)

History 12 (Hester, 2004)

History 47 (Borghei, 2005)

Library Research Quick Guide (Meeks, 2011)

Media Literacy (Blogging and podcasting page for Media Literacy,  Dawson, 2007)

Research Tips for Media 1 (Munoz, 2013)

Sociology 31 Handout (Preciado, 2013)

Sociology 31 (Preciado, 2012)

Speech 2 (Smith, 2004)

Women's Studies 8 Resources (Livings, 2013)

Archived material:

Library Resources for Faculty and Students Institutional Flex Day 8/24/17
How to Create Curriculum Institutional Flex Day 8/24/17
OER/ZTC (Open Education Resources/Zero Textbook Cost Degrees) Institutional Flex Day 8/24/17
Library Resources for Open Educational Resources (OER)  Institutional Flex Day 3/16/17
Women in the US Military for the Women's Military History presentation, updated 3/9/16
To the Library and Beyond  Flex Day 3/19/15
Women in the US Military, for the Women's Military History event 3/20/14, 3/17/15
How to Create Effective Research Assignments with Test Drive Worksheet Flex day 3/18/14 (with Anne Powers)
SMC Library - For Faculty updated 10/25/12
Library Resources for Communication Studies (LRCS) Flex Day 4/3/11
The Great Migration - Delicious to Google Bookmarks  Flex Day 4/3/11

History Reference Center and a brief overview of Myra Lerch's Learning Profiles  Flex Day 8/25/10

Delicious, Opposing Viewpoints Flex Day 3/5/10

Current Issues: Environment  Flex Day 3/5/10

E-Resources at the SMC Library  Flex Day 3/19/09


New Databases at the Library Flex Day 03/10/05

Library Databases 24/7 Flex Day 03/09/04

Communicating with  me:

Spring 2018 hours: Monday 7:30 - 4:00, Tuesday 7:30 - 1:00,Wednesday 7:30 - 5:00, Thursday 7:30 - 12:00, Friday 8 - 12:00, Sunday 2 hours arranged. Subject to change.

Telephone: 310-434-3538

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