Práctica 2 E

El imperfecto y el pretérito
Verbos con cambio de definición






To know
(estar en relación)

To meet (made the acquaintance of)
(primera vez)


To be able/capable
(ser capaz)

To manage to, succeed
(intentar y lograr hacer algo)

No poder

To be incapable of
(no ser capaz)

To not succeed in, could not
(no tener éxito)


To want
(tener ganas de, desear))

To try (but failed)
(intentar sin éxito)

No querer

To not want
(no tener ganas, no desear)

To refuse


To know
(tener en mente)

To find out, learn
(darse cuenta, averiguar)


To have

To have but it can also mean to receive



To cost, be available at
(el enfoque en el precio)

To cost, be bought for
(el enfoque en la compra)


Practica:  Traduzca las siguientes oraciones al español.

  1. My parents refused to buy us new bicycles.
  2. I received a letter from Marta yesterday.
  3. We were able to do the work but we didn’t want to.
  4. Did you know that he bought a car that cost twenty dollars?
  5. She met her husband in Las Vegas.
  6. He had the book in his hand.
  7. Did you succeed in getting a copy of the worksheet?
  8. I knew them because they used to be our neighbors.
  9. Why weren’t you able to help us yesterday?
  10. We found out that our friends intended to have a party on Saturday but they didn’t succeed.