Práctica 4.5 B
Los adjetivos y los sustantivos

Español 11

Traduzca las siguientes oraciones al español.  Cuidado con la posición, el número y el género de los adjetivos y sus sustantivos.  Todos los verbos están en el presente.

fam. = familiar (tú /vosotros)  for. = formal (Ud. / Uds.)
sing. = singular   pl. = plural
f. = femenino  m. = masculino

1.  Our parents hope to buy several new chairs for our new patio.

2.  Those women are wearing long, mulitcolored scarves with their black jackets and boots.

3.  Both of my friends (f) are tall, blond, intelligent but not very understanding at times.

4.  Your (fam. pl.) brother just bought a green bicycle with yellow stripes.

5.  We have a modern computer to use for our classes.

6.  Her friends (m) are Vietnamese, German and Spanish and they speak many different languages.

7.  Do you (fam., sing) have time to write a long letter to your aunt who lives in a distant state?

8.  I don't want any blue or green paper but rather I need some red sheets.

9.  You (for.) live with your younger cousin in an interesting neighborhood that has excellent seafood restaurants.

10. Sarita gives her father small hand-made presents for his birthday every year.

11.  This day is going to be fantastic!

12.  We know an older French woman that makes delicious French bread.

13.  That red sports car is very expensive and not very reliable.

14.  I prefer tortillas made at home because the ones they sell at the market are not as tasty.

15.  García Márquez is a well-known Colombian writer.